Our Centre Console Boats

Our 5.8 metre (19ft) Centre Console Boats are made of fibreglass and are heavily reinforced and designed for inshore and offshore leisure activities. A streamlined design increases performance, safety and efficiency.


The shape of the hull allows increased sea worthiness whilst extending your time and comfort on the water.

Our knowledgeable team will help you to choose the perfect hull and size for you.  Designed to your requirements, we will assist you to select the engine and accessories that will maximise your enjoyment of the sea.


We can also offer safety courses, servicing and seasonal maintenance plans.


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BW 580SF


Total length: 580cm
Total width: 198cm
Maximum Passengers: 8
Weight: 520kg

Open floor weight: 450kg
Fuel tank: 150L

Storage box: 80L

Max loading: 1240kg

Category: C

Engine Information: (Recommended)

Engine type: Outboard
Fuel type: Petrol/electric
Fuel capacity: 150L
Recommend HP: 50HP
Max HP: 70HP
Engine shaft: 20/25 inches

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